Privacy Policy
Personal information handling

1.Acquisition of personal information
"Personal information" in this privacy policy means the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. that we collect from customers through websites operated and managed by the A PEOPLE Group (hereinafter referred to as "A PEOPLE website"), which means information that can identify yourself. Also, even if it cannot be identified with that information alone, it also includes information that can be easily collated with other information, so that personal information can be also identified for specific individuals.
2.Purpose of using personal information
A PEOPLE group treats personal information only within the scope of the purpose specified in each of the following items, in addition to cases where it is recognized as an exception in laws and regulations after identifying the purpose of use as much as possible.
  1. In order to respond when we receive requests from customers such as disclosure, correction, deletion etc.
  2. A PEOPLE To prepare statistical data such as usage trends of services in the group
  3. To use for the purpose individually accepted by customers
3.Share personal information
A PEOPLE Group may share personal information within the group if necessary to provide products and services that you desire.
4.Supervision of contractors
A PEOPLE Group may delegate some or all of the work handling personal information to a third party. Regarding the handling of personal information at outsourcers, we will conduct necessary and appropriate oversight, such as concluding a contract.
5.Third party provision of personal information
A PEOPLE Group will not provide personal information gathered to third parties in addition to being accepted as an exception under laws and ordinances without obtaining prior agreement or consent from the customer.
6.Disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information
If there is a request from the customer for "disclosure, correction or deletion" of the customer's personal information, "discontinuation of the use", or to "stop the offer to the third party", A PEOPLE group will check if it is the person himself / herself, and respond promptly on the basis of the regulations.
7.About the use etc. of cookies
  1. A PEOPLE group may use information such as cookies to analyze usage of A PEOPLE website and to provide customized services for each customer in A PEOPLE group services etc. With this information alone, it is not possible to identify a specific individual.
  2. In the service of membership registration system, based on information such as cookies, we may associate with customer identification information to provide customized service for each customer.
  3. A PEOPLE Group entrusts third parties with display and distribution of a part of advertisements to be posted on the A PEOPLE website, mas well we the measurement of their usage, etc. When the third party sets cookies, etc., your cookie and other information will be recorded and managed by the third party’s server.
A PEOPLE Group cannot assume the responsibility for securing the security of your personal information on the linked website from A PEOPLE’s website. Please check with yourself.
9.About the revision
A PEOPLE Group may revise some or all of this Privacy Policy. Important changes will be informed on the A PEOPLE website.