"Twelve Kingdams" 1st to 13th episode broadcasts & "Kunihiko Ryo" concert memorial

A world musician who decorated a cover interview (PEOPLE) of a new media "A PEOPLE" that started in July, Kunihiko Ryo. He also gave beautiful music to A PEOLE's first promotional video "FILM 01 RIVER" ( http://www.apeople.world/en/). One of the great appeal of Kunihiko Ryo who continues global music activities such as live and composition work and Korean national project ... Speaking of the masterpiece of theatrical accompaniment music ... can not forget the animation masterpiece "Twelve National Notes". This time, on December 14, Nico Nico Live broadcast. To celebrate the holding of "UTOPIA 2017 Xmas Special supported by Pierrot, Audio Technica," the live broadcasting show of the special live & talk of Kunihiko Ryo involved in music production in the broadcast of first through 13th episodes of the first season of the animation "The Twelve Kingdoms " and animation "Twelve Kingdoms" was decided.


Below I would like to introduce the message by Kunihiko Ryo. "I think that I was fortunate, because the" Twelve Kingdoms " was my debut work of anime music. Since I first touched the original work, I was surprised by the interestingness. That’s how it started. A musical piece requires directing a free virtual space. Its stage is a fictitious Asia, the twelve countries, and a work which is firmly struck with a solid story and directing. I thought I would draw freely with imagination. And I did. Of course, while giving top priority to the image of the original, I opened the gate of every approach, not being caught up in the existing concept. When there was a time I flew the air with Giraffe, confronted with the attacking. And we cried in the scene where Yoshi became a king and talked to the people, the assimilation of myself into the work and the scene spread clearly before the eyes. That’s why I was so happy. It was a rare experience. “The Twelve Kingdoms " is an important work for me.” I really hope you watch this opportunity.

"Twelve Kingdams" 1st to 13th episode broadcasts & "Kunihiko Ryo" concert memorial
【Information on NicoNico Live venue】
December 14, 2017 opening: 17:45 starting: 18:15
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Program schedule
18:15 ~ Animation "The Twelve Kingdoms" episodes 1 - 4
20:00 ~ Kunihiko Ryo Special Life LIVE & Talk
21:00 ~ Animation "The Twelve Kingdoms" Episodes 5 -13
(C) Fuyumi Ono, Kodansha / NHK · NEP

Concert performance information
Kunihiko Ryo UTOPIA 2017 Xmas Special supported by Piero, Audio Technica
Concert Date: Sunday, December 24, 2017
Venue: Tokyo Globe Theaters
Fare: All Seats reserved 7,000 yen (tax included)
Opening at 17:00 / starting at 17:30
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