A PEOPLE holding the first talk event
Korean movie "哭声/ Coxsons" World of Director 나홍진

"CHASER" with the "calmness" of나홍진, "THE YELLOW SEA" with "berserkers." The common thing for both works is the refreshing despair, the audience is left behind in the movie I'm afraid, but it feels good, I feel that way. "(Toji Aida)


An attempt was made on September 16 to try a dialogue held at A PEOPLE in the "TOJI AIDA" frame as a real event. The first theme is the world of Director나홍진 of "哭声/ Coxsons" which was also covered in the series. The remarks at the beginning are related to the first two works.


"The third movie "哭声/ Coxsons " is to show why people doubt, why they are deceived. As a result, nothing is solved. 나홍진 made me feel that the movie is the strongest media again. Perhaps it is even beyond the movie, "Aida said. Kobayashi, editor-in chief, says, "It should be easy to understand, movies that are in contradiction to contemporary film people desire to match together." Aida said "Twin Peaks" as an example, "I felt the pleasure of not having a piece ".


In the end, there was also active Q & A with the crowded crowd, and it became a real version of the full "A PEOPLE" series. The next talk event will be held on 22 November with the theme of coach Lav Diaz.

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Toji Aida with Junichi Kobayashi (A PEOPLE editor-in-chief)

Movie: 1st theme
“World of Director 나홍진”

Performed September 16

TOJI AIDA相田冬二×Junichi Kobayashi
Joy to be at a loss for the ferocity of the Korean movie "哭声/ Coxsons"


Next event

Toji Aida with Junichi Kobayashi (A PEOPLE editor-in-chief)

The real version of "A PEOPLE" serials!
Battle in 90 minutes!

Movie: 2nd theme
"The world of director Lav Diaz"
“Ang Babaeng Humayo"

November 22 (Wed)