"A Brighter Summer Day"

Aida: In "Yi Yi" the reflection of the window glass stands out because reflection of light is different from the previous works. There is also reflection. As a result, the screens overlap. As if past, present and future are mixed. I think this is symbolic. Edward Yang's world is not simply drawing current or past, but that is connected to the future. Even in "Yi Yi", the mirror plays an important role, including past works, wondering what is reflected in the mirror. Mathematically, your own face is reflected in the opposite way. But it is not a real face. It is a face of another dimension.

Kobayashi: That is also the face of the past, a few seconds ago. It is something futuristic like the hospital of "Time Story" or the office of "Yi Yi". What is that? I felt something familiar to the expression of the hospital of "Watashi Dasuwa" by Yoshimitsu Morita.

Aida: Kiyoshi Kurosawa 's Occupational security office of “Tokyo Sonata" is also similar. It was shot as a modern day, but it feels somewhat like the future. A lot of things happen; the feeling of the future after the end. The future will not start unless it ends once. I think that drawing the hypothetical future is to affirm the present, affirming the past. That does not mean the future is good or better. Faced with the present, or facing the past is a positive affirmation of the future itself. Even after something is over, after the something ruins, after someone dies, the future still continues. Still people live. I think that's what it is.

Kobayashi: "Terrorizers" is a story that he was the only one who did not notice that was over. Two possibilities are presented and it seems like Schrodinger's cat. Edward Yang is physicist, right?


Edward Yang

Aida: There is something hard to talk about some writers. We inevitably lower movie writers to a literary level. He is not a literature, but a physicist.

Kobayashi: Maybe a person of quantum mechanics (laugh)

Aida: It may be a cartoon. Yang liked Osamu Tezuka. He wrote Tezuka's thesis, and the part of it is really good. "It is always interesting to guess the unknown future based on my own knowledge." It is exactly the world of Yang.

Kobayashi:  It is not Sanpei Shirado. It is not "Sasuke". It is called Osamu Tezuka's New World.

Aida: It is New World. I dared to think what he tried was "world after" in literary words. Draw the world after something is over. Think about it, you can understand "A Brighter Summer Day" and "Couples" well. It is a hope that you draw after something is over. Or ambition. Even if it ends, it doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s very powerful.

Kobayashi: It cannot end. We have to live.

Aida: The world continues. How will we live in the world after someone dies? He does that in a style. There was a message that Yang himself scribbled when he came to Japan with "A Confucian Confusion". It is on the brochure, saying "Our troubles begin when we all failed to realize that this world is already the heaven." It means that our misfortune begins with not being able to notice that this world is already a heaven .... “ This heaven = heaven means "the future". It is good to say, "Thinking about the future." We can live with it. To think is a big thing.

Edward Yang, Memory of the Future - Towards the New World
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